Is it finally time to write that book? To get serious about being published?

To do it the right way?

We understand. We’re here to help.

Our Arche Year course will guide you, week by week, through the novel writing process and teach you how to effectively build an author’s marketing platform. With our unique program and professional support, you will accomplish your goals and be positioned for success.

There are no quick tricks or hacks, this is how you do the right work well.

If you can devote 6-10 hours per week to the course and follow the course guidance, you will complete a novel manuscript you’ll be proud of in less than nine months as well as establish a professional author’s platform.

Aspiring Christian writers of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels are encouraged to apply.

This course was developed by Brad Pauquette, publishing expert and the founder and lead teacher of the School of Kingdom Writers.

Course Overview

The course include 25 pre-recorded, on-demand classes, most between 90 and 120 minutes long. You’ll receive in-depth, comprehensive instruction and examples on the following topics:

  • Novel Writing – How to develop, plan, and execute any novel concept. (It really works!)
  • Publishing Industry Knowledge – How does it work and how do you actually get a deal?
  • Taking Care of Business – What are the legal requirements to be a writer? How do you stay out of trouble?
  • Building an Audience – Your readers are out there. How do you connect with them and influence their lives? How do you grow your audience?
  • Next Steps – You have a novel manuscript and a blooming author’s platform, what happens next?

You may review each course as many times as you’d like. You’ll also find downloadable worksheets, links, and additional resources with each lesson.

The class will begin with a 4-week novel-writing intensive. This proven program will coach you through a comprehensive process to plan, organize, and execute a novel manuscript. You can begin this process with or without an existing idea.

As you write your novel, our 21-class professional development course will prepare you for professional publication. These classes will put you in a position to attract the attention of publishers or agents, or to develop your own fanbase and sales audience if you’d prefer to self-publish.

Course Commitment

Students should be prepared to devote 6-10 hours per week to the course for one full year. This time includes class time, exercises, as well as the time that will be spent writing your novel and building your platform.

Students should also be prepared to spend up to  $1,000 (many students in the past have spent much less). This is learning by doing, which means you’ll need to spend money for things like registering your business with your state and purchasing web hosting for your author website.


Student Feedback

These quotes are pulled from anonymous student evaluations of Arche Year and a similar course offered by the Ohio Writers’ Association, both of which carried a tuition. Arche Year 2019 carried a tuition cost of $2,700.

“The course delivered! Brad is a great teacher.”

“I’ve taken a few novel writing classes and this one was the most helpful. Worth it. “

“Brad is helpful, clear and encouraging. Also very realistic, which I like.”

“Brad has a terrific, conversational way of conveying his concepts. His enthusiasm and use of specific pop-culture examples made the class very accessible.”

“It has always been a dream of mine to write a book. Taking this class made that a reality.”

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