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    • Class Questions
      Have questions about something in one of our courses? This is the place to ask! Anyone is welcome to answer questions here. Our teachers will also monitor this space to give expert answers.
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    • General Discussion
      This is a space to talk about anything. It can be about spirituality, writing, marketing, or what you had for breakfast. Feel free to share links to REAL NEWS, just don't be spammy. You know what we're talking about.
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      Noah MatthewsNoah Matthews

    • Workshop – Peer Feedback
      This is the place to get feedback on your work. We have two rules:
      1. Don't defend your own work. You're asking for feedback, so just listen. You don't have to apply everything people say, but defending your work discourages readers from participating and defeats the purpose. You can't defend your work when you submit it to an agent or an editor, only what's on the page counts.
      2. Don't be a writing expert. Everyone, every single one of us, is qualified to give feedback as a reader. You know what you like to read. You know when things are boring, or confusing. Very few of us, on the other hand, are qualified to give writing advice. We don't check resumes at the door, so we ask everyone to abide by the same rule: don't give writing advice. That means your feedback should sound like "I like this part and I don't like that thing." It should NOT sounds like "You should write it this way," or "Don't do this thing..." We give feedback, the author gets to figure out how to fix it.
      We want this to be a comfortable, safe, space for everyone, but our intention is to give REAL feedback. If something isn't good, the best favor you can give to an author (in this context) is to tell them so, so that they can fix it. Don't sugarcoat.
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      AvatarJo Flinn