Ready to take the world by storm with a podcast?

Podcasting is a huge and growing industry. It’s a great way to directly influence the world with your message AND build an audience for your author brand.

The Podcast Institute online course includes approximately 6 hours of lessons, and will give you all of the basic skills you need to successfully setup, record, produce, and distribute your podcast. No experience necessary!

The Podcast Institute

Course Overview

This course will start from scratch and teach you how to setup, record, produce, and distribute a podcast. We’ll also workshop your podcast content, where you’ll have an opportunity to receive live feedback from real listeners.

We’ll help you to launch a podcast with minimal cost. We’ll have some recommendations to help you spend a few bucks to increase your sound quality and make your life easy, but you won’t need to spend thousands on equipment or expensive subscription services.

This is a quick and dirty, no-frills class. You’ll get exactly the information you need to get launched with a professional podcast, without any fat or sales gimmicks. If you follow the course guidance, you’ll be 100% prepared to launch a professional podcast available on all major podcast apps by the end of the course.

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Course includes a workbook and lifetime access to recorded classes. Guild Members will also have access to our support forums, where you’ll receive expert guidance.

The cost for this course is $99. This price includes access to the recorded classes for life.

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